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About Psychician's Services:

Parapsychological tools and investigations are a specialty of mine. Whether you need to learn the how-to, or have questions, I'm here to assist.

The word "psychic" is from the Greek word for soul. A physician heals your body. A "psychician" is a magician who heals your soul. I’ve been doing psychic readings since the 1980’s, having trained at psychic schools in Northern California. I’ve had exceptionally good feedback over the years. I attune using clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. The pictures, feelings and words become metaphors. As I talk, these evolve into a coherent story that describes aspects of your life and addresses your questions. The readings are interactive, deep, and designed to validate and mirror your inner wisdom. The future is your choice. In a state of elevated spiritual vibration, all questions can be answered. Career, relationships, finances, past lives, future lives, dreams and paranormal events. Sometimes, the readings go to unexpected places, revealing new facts, ideas, and concepts. You never know where they will lead. There is something magical about this process - the chemistry that develops between reader and client that co-creates a transformative event.

Experience & Qualifications

30 years of experience sharing spiritual wisdom, doing psychic readings, reading auras and remote viewing. I am also trained in astrology, tarot, numerology, I-Ching, runes, dowsing, kabbalah, and other more.


- Graduate of Heartsong School of Psychic Reading - Trained in Eastern Philosophy (Buddhist and Hindu), Meditation, Universal Love Principles, Crystalology, Occult Skills and New Age Spirituality - Founder of a prominent Metaphysical educational forum that meets monthly.

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